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list of Washington Trust Bank Bankers
的名字 Areas of Expertise 联系
Amy Mullins High-Net-Worth Individuals and Families, 律师, Accountants, 注册会计师, Investor Commercial Real Estate, Medical Professionals, Dental Professionals, Owner-Occupied Commercial Lending 360.605.9192
Angie Curtis Medical Professionals, Healthcare Staff, Resident Physicians 509.358.8184
Brett Crane 高净值bte365官网及家庭,商业地产,专业服务 425.467.1788
Carolyn Stewart 私人银行,高净值和超高净值bte365官网和家庭 206.515.4786
Cheryl Waters Relationship Management, High-Net-Worth Individuals and Families, Customized Lending Solutions, Cash Management and Merchant 服务, Operating Lines of Credit and Real Estate Purchases/再融资s 503.778.7088
Cliff Poffenroth 509.623.7382
James McCurdy 私人 银行, Family-run Enterprises 206.667.8953
Jeff Hancock 金融规划,医疗从业者,医生,企业主,定制贷款解决方案 208.385.5025
Kevin O'Connell Professional Practices and Individuals, 如, 律师, 注册会计师, Medical Professionals, Dental Professionals 509.358.3518
Lisa Morgan Commercial Clients, C-level executives, Medical Professionals, All types of private 银行 loans, including revolving lines of credit, 项贷款, practice buy - ins and owner occupied real estate loans, Deposit only clients with sophisticated cash management needs. 208.884.2726
罗斯玛丽 Client Relations, 私人 银行 206.667.8994
Michael Jakositz 425.635.2875
南希鳕鱼 商业借贷,医疗专业人员,商业收购,住宅 & Commercial Real Estate, High Net worth Individuals 509.353.4003
Peter Skovron 425.635.2877
Randy Casto Professional Practices and Individuals, 如:, Medical and Dental Practices, Attorney and CPA Firms, Veterinarians, Engineering and Architecture Firms, Physical Therapists, High-Net-Worth Individuals 509.353.3634
Tiffany Weymouth High-Net-Worth Individuals and Families, 私人 银行, Relationship Management, Residential and Commercial Real Estate 206.515.4777
Toni Fredrick 牙科,商业房地产,住宅房地产,商业收购 509.358.3791
Windy Rudd 509.353.4323