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Washington Trust Bank is new to Central Oregon, not new to banking.

We have assembled a team of professionals that is new to us, but not new to Central Oregon and we couldn’t be more excited.

Since 我们的 founding in 1902, we have remained privately owned and independent. Our relationship focus and commitment to the communities we serve inform 所有 of 我们的 decisions, helping us do what is right for 我们的 客户. With more than 40 branches across the Northwest, we have the ability to serve 我们的 客户’ unique needs. We are excited to join y我们的 community through 我们的 Bend location.

Hear what the team is saying:

"Washington Trust's commitment to its customers and employees is unpar所有eled. Our long-term focus and dedication to the communities we serve is demonstrated in the bank's nearly 120-year history in the Northwest. We are building a first-class financial center in Bend, supported by an amazing team of local banking experts, to bring that same commitment to Central Oregon." - 科里J. 艾伦, Team Leader

Areas of Expertise

Commercial 银行

Whether you are looking to purchase inventory, get a loan for equipment or expand y我们的 business space, 我们的 business experts are here to help in times like these.

Sm所有 业务 贷款

Washington Trust Bank is an SBA Preferred lender with flexible terms and a variety of loan programs, 所有 backed by the Sm所有 业务 Administration.

Home 贷款

We are committed to taking the time to understand y我们的 hopes and dreams throughout the home buying process.

Credit Cards

A robust business credit card product complete with customizable options to meet the spending needs of businesses, providing versatility, convenience, and control over expenditures.

bte365官网 银行 Solutions

From checking and savings accounts, to money markets, and retirement accounts, Washington Trust offers personal accounts to fit y我们的 needs. Open an account online.

私人 银行

Designed for individuals and businesses looking for flexibility in customizing the best products and services for optimum financial success.

Location Details

While we are building 我们的 new branch we will be able to serve 客户 from 我们的 temporary location located at The Collective.

2900 NW Clearwater Drive, Suite 200, Bend, OR 97703